Masonic Tie Pin

My Son is Entering the Craft


My son has followed his father and decided to become a Freemason. He’s at the early stage of his journey, he’s completed his interview and next step is his initiation.

Freemasonry History

He’s always shown a keen interest and now he’s turned twenty, he’s able to join his father, at his father’s mother lodge. And I wish him the best of luck although I don’t know too much of what goes on, his father enjoys it and I’m sure my some will too.

A Small Masonic Gift

I decided that I’d get him something, a small masonic gift, to coincide with his becoming a Freemason. I thought long and hard and checked with my husband, he suggested a tie pin. A masonic tie pin with craft symbols on it. Craft is the term used when referring to freemasonry. I know that I’ve heard it often enough.

Square and Compass

Square and Compass

The symbols I wasn’t to sure about. I was told that the “Square and Compass” are the symbols of the craft and that any tie pin I select should have these symbols. So I learned something new.

The easiest place to get these is from a website and he had one in mind masonic gifts Nicely laid out and easy to navigate to what I wanted. But at the same time not too much choice. Just enough to be helpful.

Masonic Tie Bar

Tie Clip

So I purchased the freemason tie bar and I’ve wrapped it up for him. When my son arrives home from his initiation I’ll present it to him then. I can’t wait to see him wearing it, It looks really nice all gold (not real gold just a gold finish).

The tie pin was quite cheap too. I thought that it would be a little expensive being a freemason gift. I imagined there would be a huge price hike but thankfully that wasn’t the case.

I’m sure my son will be thrilled to receive it – when the time’s right.