iphone wireless charging

iphone in handMy husband’s new cell phone

My husband has a wireless charging pad in almost every room of the house. Every room, means four rooms. Our bedroom, the hall the tv living room and the kitchen. He has one of those new Samsung cell phones and they can charge wirelessly and that’s what the charging pads are for. He just puts the phone down on one of the pads and it starts charging immediately.

The iphone basics

Benefits of charging Wirelessly

This has a number of benefits, because he’s almost always in one of those four rooms of the house the phone is always nearby and more importantly charging. When the phone rings, he just grabs the phone and starts talking (no charging cable to remove)

iphone on the tableGrabbing the phone

Because he’s got into the habit of always putting the phone on a charging pad, he knows where it is all the time ( it can only be in one of four places ). Grabbing the phone to dash of to work or rushing to meet friends invariably means the phone’s charged and can’t be hiding some place.

an iphone history

old iphone charging

I could only look on in envy, with my trusty iPhone 6s, which I love by the way and I would never change to Android. Android just doesn’t do it for me. I just plough on with my charger sitting by the side of my bed which doubles up as my alarm clock.

Old iphone Charge Wirelessly – here’s how

But then just by chance I came across this site wireless charger for your iphone And I ordered a conversion kit for my old iPhone. I plugged it in, folded the panel over onto the back of the phone, where it sticks in place. That’s it done, less than thirty seconds – It took me longer to open the box.

Charging Everywhere

And to my amazement, it just works on all four chargers in the house, much to my husband’s annoyance. As now there’s a one in four chance that a charging pad is occupied by my phone. But I must say it was a really quick and easy to fit the little device to my iphone and worth every penny I paid.