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Kettle with Variable Temperature

birthday cakeKettle for My Wife

I bought my wife a new present for their birthday, a kettle. Now a kettle although practical, can’t be classed as very romantic.

I bought this kettle through Variable temperature kettle. A website that sites that shows the best variable temperature kettles out there. And that’s the clue; these kettles heat water to a temperature you set.

variable electric kettleAdvantages of a Kettle, Variable Temperature

You see a traditionally kettle boils water and that’s okay but sometimes you want hot water, not necessarily boiling water. There’s no way you can get water at a certain temperature without wild guessing.

Heating water up to boiling point then adding cold water until a thermometer shows you have your desired temperature is just impractical. Enter the variable temperature kettle.

These devices are fairly recent to the market but already you now have plenty to choose from. And they all do one thing and that is to heat water to your desired temperature and keep it at that temperature for a certain time, ready for you to use.

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teapot & teacupPerfect for Green Tea

So why did I get Sally One? Well you see my wife is a green tea drinker and green tea is delicate. You need hot water to get the flavor out not boiling water. So I forget what temperature that is but Sally Knows for sure.

Sally Was a bit underwhelmed when She first opened it “A kettle?” She said. Then I explained what it did and what it will do for her tea. And she quickly realized how useful that would be and hasn’t looked back. Sally Uses it all the time to make her green tea. History of Green Tea

iphoneAlways in Touch

The model I bought also has an app for the phone, I pushed the boat out here, There’s one at the bottom of the website I mentioned earlier, here it is again kettle variable temperature. I set up the app on her iPhone and it’s quite simple to operate. Then you fill up the kettle and tell it to start. You could be shopping, upstairs taking a bath. The app tells the kettle to start heating the water then beeps when the desired temperature has been reached. And keeps it at that temperature for 15 minutes.

A very practical present, if I do say so myself. But not very romantic so I ended up taking Sally or to our favorite Mexican restaurant too. Which means she got a kettle and a meal and I got a meal with favorite person in the whole world.

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