88 Key Keyboards and Pianos

The Piano – The Big Brother

baby grand pianoWhen contemplating a new piano keyboard, there are a number of things to consider. It’s important to get a full 88 key keyboard as this has a full set of octaves, which is similar to a grand piano. Meaning it’s capable of playing any piece of music ever written for the piano.

Large electronic piano keyboards have become much better over the years as both sound quality and technology have improved. But nothing will truly replace a true grand piano or even a baby grand for that matter.

But you have to have deep pockets and plenty of space for of these special of all musical instruments. And let’s not forgetting tuning, which on a real piano, needs to be carried out at least a couple of times a year, more if you really want the piano kept in tip top condition.

Small/Portable – The 88 key keyboard

keyboardOur electronic boards win in on both size and portability. A lot of the technical breakthroughs have been in the actual keys themselves and how they behave. They have “weight” and mimic a real keys in a mechanical keyboard, so that you get the same feel and response as you play as you would from the real thing. Check this out Piano Keyboards with 88 Keys

The sound too has become quite expressive. The software is able to replicate the “sustain” quality of the “strings” as though it was a real piano.

Electronic instruments are seen as a poor substitute for the real piano. But that’s not so. The electronic counter parts are able to bring their own unique qualities that the full blown instruments can’t.

Other Nice Features to Have

One of these qualities is the ability to switch to a learning mode. Where the software helps you to refine your technique. It doesn’t replace the need to practice it just helps you to master your keyboard. This is more useful to beginners than experts but it’s nice to have.

Then there’s the electronic instruments’ ability to mimic the sound of other pianos from uprights to grand pianos, to harpsichords. If fact anything that has ever been made.

The history of the keyboard