Three Piece Luggage Sets

Getting around

Jumbo Jet silhouteTraveling is fun, international travel is even more fun. The hard bit is getting to your destination, trains, coaches, flights, tickets, passports; is bad enough but it’s made more tricky if you’ve got children with you on the trip. And the more children, the more hassle.

But the journeys’ only part of the trip. The bit that’s at each end of the journey, so we won’t dwell too much on that. After all you’re on vacation, so the important bit is the bit in the middle – the destination itself.

The Suitcase

old suitcaseObviously you have to pack, everyone has their own method and there’s probably a hundred different ways out there on the net. You’ll find some good tips for packing here. Packing tips

But we want to focus on what you put everything in. The suitcase the rucksack, the sports bag. Each has its place and you should select the one you feel most comfortable with.

The Three Piece Suitcase

We’re going to focus on the suitcase and in particular the 3 piece suitcase, like the ones here 3 piece luggage set

The reason we like the three piece is because of storage, when not in use. Each case is a different size and they all all fit inside the next one up. The result is that you only have one case to store between trips.

This is great but you should be quite discerning when selecting a new suitcase to purchase. When you’re in the shop or mall, they can all look very enticing. But looks can be deceiving. There are only three main aspects to consider when you’re looking for a new suitcase

  • The case material: is it tough enough.
  • The zip: is it rugged enough.
  • The casters: are they robust enough.

Holiday sunsetGets these right and your new suitcase will last you for years. And more important it won’t let you down in the middle of a trip.

Remember the shop environment is a nice place for a suitcases to hangout. An airport with to many clothes packed inside (we all do it) is fairly hostile place.

So concentrate on the big three.

88 Key Keyboards and Pianos

The Piano – The Big Brother

baby grand pianoWhen contemplating a new piano keyboard, there are a number of things to consider. It’s important to get a full 88 key keyboard as this has a full set of octaves, which is similar to a grand piano. Meaning it’s capable of playing any piece of music ever written for the piano.

Large electronic piano keyboards have become much better over the years as both sound quality and technology have improved. But nothing will truly replace a true grand piano or even a baby grand for that matter.

But you have to have deep pockets and plenty of space for of these special of all musical instruments. And let’s not forgetting tuning, which on a real piano, needs to be carried out at least a couple of times a year, more if you really want the piano kept in tip top condition.

Small/Portable – The 88 key keyboard

keyboardOur electronic boards win in on both size and portability. A lot of the technical breakthroughs have been in the actual keys themselves and how they behave. They have “weight” and mimic a real keys in a mechanical keyboard, so that you get the same feel and response as you play as you would from the real thing. Check this out Piano Keyboards with 88 Keys

The sound too has become quite expressive. The software is able to replicate the “sustain” quality of the “strings” as though it was a real piano.

Electronic instruments are seen as a poor substitute for the real piano. But that’s not so. The electronic counter parts are able to bring their own unique qualities that the full blown instruments can’t.

Other Nice Features to Have

One of these qualities is the ability to switch to a learning mode. Where the software helps you to refine your technique. It doesn’t replace the need to practice it just helps you to master your keyboard. This is more useful to beginners than experts but it’s nice to have.

Then there’s the electronic instruments’ ability to mimic the sound of other pianos from uprights to grand pianos, to harpsichords. If fact anything that has ever been made.

The history of the keyboard

Great Shona Sculpture

Shona Sculpture - HeadMy New Sculpture

I just had to tell everyone about this new sculpture that I’ve put in the garden. The idea came to me when I visited a friend’s house and we went into her garden.

My friend, Anna, has a wonderful garden, well kept with a wide variety of colorful flowers. And there in the center of the garden was an ornate fountain. Cast in a mod-roc material in an abstract form. It looked marvelous. There’s something about a fountain that brings a sense of tranquility to an outdoor space. And most people find the gentle trickle of water quite soothing.

That visit planted a seed in my head. I couldn’t have a fountain for the location I had in mind. That would have involved plumbing and unsightly pipes. But I wanted something sculptural. So I started researching.

Shona SculptureAfrican Sculpture

I stumbled into something called Shona Sculpture. Which are pieces carved from stone and rock. You can see some good examples here It’s also a good place to purchase.

What I saw, blew me away. These are African sculptures made by local black artists in Zimbabwe. There are all sorts of subject matter and all sorts of sizes.

The more I saw the more I was able to define what I wanted. The most wonderful thing about these sculptures is their African roots. They have their own spirit and they look like they belong in the natural outdoors in a garden setting.

I choose an abstract family group, in black shiny stone. Parts are left as rough stone to give a different texture both visually and tactilely. It give a sense of belonging every time I see it. It anchors the family into its environment. I like to feel it bonds my family to the house and makes us all one.

Being stone, they’re quite happy to stay outside all year round. They’re not affected by the wind rain or snow.

A great addition, I think you’ll agree.

Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Robots from the 60’s

Traditional Vacuum CleanerA great many years ago now, more than I care to remember, there was a movie. I can’t remember what the movie was about and I think it was made in the 1960’s, possibly the 50’s.

The reason I remember it or more correctly have flashbacks to it was because all the domestic work around the house was carried out by a robot. And I thought that was really cool and how great it would be when technology provides the real thing. Not some guy, dressed up in a robot suite but a real robot that never gets tired, never wants more pay and doesn’t try and skip corners.

Robots in the Present Day

Well now it’s 2017 and I’m still waiting and I think there’s a long way to go yet. But progress is being made. Now we have robot vacuum cleaners, quite a lot of choice in fact. But there’s a great site here that will help you chose the best one top robot vacuum cleaner today

The Good and Not so Good

Now the question is, can I replace my upright vacuum cleaner with s robot vacuum cleaner? And the answer is no, not yet. Robot vacuum cleaners can’t get right into corners, can’t move furniture around and can’t do stairs.

But what they can do, they do rather well. They extract dust really well and the more expensive ones pass over the entire floor. When their batteries run low they’re able to find their recharge base to get more juice. Then off they go again.

When they fill up, they let you know that they need emptying. Sadly they don’t go off to find the trash can themselves.

How good are they?

I’ve had one for a few months now and I can honestly say that it does a great job. Then once a week I get out the upright and do things like the corners and other places that can’t be reached.

Not quite that 1960’s robot, but a step in the right direction.

Well This is My Home

The world off the home has become quite techie, in my lifetime and I’m still a year away from middle age. So I thought it would be great to review the stuff I buy, I buy lots of gadgets because I’m quite geeky and let everyone, who’s interested, know what I think.

What makes me qualified you give you an opinion? Well nothing really. But I’m keen and on a sucker for detail did hopefully I’ll get some good insights into various gadgets.

And if nothing else, athome theater least you can take my opinions on board and come to your own conclusions. There’s no right or wrong as far as I’m concerned. It’s all just personal preferences.

So I’ll post often pin things I like and things I don’t and off you come back often, then I’m sure you’ll find interesting stuff.

This is my first post but I hope you pop by again real soon.